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Do You Really Get Freedom By Working As A Freelance Writer

The Voice of Freedom?

If the phrase is looked upon as an image held in memory of past broadcasted radio news bulletins or as a political party slogan, the word freedom has always been a concept of great importance to all groups of people around the world. “To live free or die” has been a mantra feverishly expressed by modern day conservative and libertarian groups, whose strong opposition for government corruption and infringement of the people’s rights, or any other group posing such a threat foreign or domestic is an admirable trait to have in one’s possession. Repression of the human experience has been the goal of many rulers, including those currently in power and those that have come before. When the first colonists arrived in what is now the United States of America, though each had a different personal account of their dreams in a new land, all did share the commonality of fleeing a tyrannical monarchial rule. King George III, who ruled England at the time, was like any other of the monarch families in existence then and now—delusional inbreeds with psychopathic tendencies. Through great struggle did The Magna Carta and The Constitution of the United States of America come about. And, ultimately through sneaky unhand deals did the United States of America begin and steadily continue to lose its most basic forms of freedom.

Freelancer or Regular Worker?

In terms of whether a freelance writer has any freedom in the workplace would vary person to person accordingly. More specifically, is the question that such a proposed question arouses. Such a question would be: Are you ever truly free? Depending on how one chooses to look upon their individual freedom, the reality of the matter lies in our dependence on other people and the type of environment that we currently live in. Even if one were to live off the grid and become self-sufficient, one also depends on the continuation of the Earth to produce food, or for a shoemaker to manufacture a pair of work boots, for example. In the interconnected aspect of the world we inhabit consider that a fetus is connected to the mother with an umbilical cord within the womb. Freelance writers like other freelancers are fortunate enough to have an employment position in the decaying and collapsing United States of America.