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How To Become A Good Freelance Writer: A Description Of Main Duties

Useful things to do before applying for any jobs

Whether you are new to freelance writing, or you have been creating content for a while, one thing that you should have is a portfolio. A portfolio should include any relevant samples of your best work. This can then be provided to potential clients to demonstrate your experience and expertise as a writer.

By providing potential clients with samples of your work, they can get an understanding of whether or not you will be right for the job. As long as you have good and ideally relevant samples, this can help to persuade clients to choose you for the job.

Maximising your chances of winning jobs that you apply for

In order to apply for freelance writing jobs, you will most likely need to write a job proposal. As part of your proposal, you may wish to include various details about any writing achievements from your past; however, these should be a side note at the end of the proposal. The main bulk of the proposal should be concentrated on how well you understand the client’s needs, and what you will do to fulfil any requirements that they may have.

Clients are far more impressed when you show an understanding of their requirements compared to listing off any achievements that you have made. Essentially, clients care less about what you done in the past and more about how you can help them in the present and future.

What to do once you’ve been awarded the job

Once you’ve been awarded the job it is important that you get yourself motivated to do the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising on quality. Be sure to clarify any requirements before you proceed and, ideally, send over part of the work early on to get any feedback so as to ensure that the client will be happy with the job once it is completed.

If it is only a small job then you may wish to simply proceed with work and send it over once it is completed; however, for larger projects, it is important to keep your clients readily updated as to how the work is progressing, including potentially sending sections of the content through on a regular basis once it has been completed.

Finally, once the job is completed, be sure to take on board any final feedback that you receive, and offer your services in the future if you have enjoyed working with the client.