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7 Keys To Becoming A Highly Paid Freelance Copywriter

People who become freelance copywriters can expect to make a decent yearly income if they commit to it full time. But for those who want to be highly paid there are a few key steps to know in order to break the ceiling on earning potential. Here are the seven things you need to know:

Start Slow and Build a Client Base

People looking to start a career in freelance copywriting need to know that the high paying jobs don’t come right away. Patience is key as one has to start slow in order to build a loyal client base to provide a constant income flow while also establishing content for a portfolio.

Create a Great Profile and Portfolio

Once you get a few projects under your belt you’ll need to create an attractive profile and portfolio to show to clients in order to win their business. Your profile should quickly state what you do and what you specialize in. Your portfolio needs to exhibit your best work.

Learn How to Bid Effectively

You can’t expect to have much success when you send the same bid template to dozens of potential clients. You need to cater each one of your bids towards the needs as stated in the job posting. This shows clients that you have read through the entire content and can provide the solution they need.

Learn How to Market Your Brand

You’re not going to find much success if you don’t market your brand in as many channels as possible. If you have no idea how to market then it’s absolutely essential to take few classes or conduct some research on how you can expand your brand reach to as many potential clients as possible.

Expand Your Writing Niches

As you gain more experience writing you should look into expanding your specialized niches. If you start writing resumes then you should expand to writing profiles or short bios. If you start off writing copy for websites then you should expand to writing copy for advertising firms. Look to expand your skills and you’ll find more high paying jobs.

Mix Ongoing Contracts with Individual Ones

A great way to make sure you earn a lot of money is to build a client base that provide you with consistent work that only takes up about half of your time. Spend the other half working on single high-paying contracts. This formula works great and can lead to huge annual incomes.

Earn and Display Great Feedback and Ratings

Lastly, you’ve worked hard to earn some good feedback, comments, and ratings. So why not display them or advertise them on your professional sites? A lot of the highest paying clients will want to know that you have a long history of providing a great service. Make sure they don’t have to dig to deeply to learn this about you.