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Finding Clients As A Freelance Copywriter – 10 Helpful Tips

If you don’t have clients, you are not a freelance copywriter. Clients are the lifeblood of your business and the more you have, the more successful you will be. Here are 10 helpful tips on how to find clients as a freelance copywriter:

  1. Check out the sites that pair up writers/clients – There are many sites on the internet that have clients post jobs and have writers bid on jobs. The sites make their money by taking a percentage. Just read through all of the fine print so you understand exactly what you are getting into when you sign up for one of these sites.
  2. Use more than one site to find clients – Use more than one site to get your reputation more known on the internet. Use the same username for all sites.
  3. Put in bids daily to get hired on each site – Don’t stop bidding on jobs even if you have gotten some clients. There are always other clients and your goal is to find the high paying clients.
  4. Make each client feel special – Each client needs to feel important and wants to think they are your only client. This takes skill and takes time to learn how to do this successfully.
  5. Do your best with each client – Make all deadlines
  6. Build your reputation on the sites – Consistent success will raise your reputation on the sites and other clients will be more apt to hire you.
  7. Give positive feedback on your good clients – Let your clients know you appreciate them by giving them feedback that gets better writers bidding on their jobs also
  8. Cultivate your best clients – Prioritize your work so that your best clients get their work done first
  9. Be persistent and don’t give up
  10. Ask your clients to leave you positive feedback – Ask your clients that to give you positive feedback to be put on the fast track for more jobs

If you can do as many of these tips as possible, you will be successful at becoming a freelance copywriter. Remember that it takes patience to develop any business and realize that it won’t happen overnight. You must keep working at your business constantly and understand it is a slow process but will be rewarding if you follow the tips. For more information on successful freelance copywriting, try this company.