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Freelancers Needed: How to Get A Writing Job

Freelance writing is a great way to work when you want and save money on gas and a babysitter but where can you find jobs that pay well.  If you are an entry-level writer, then you want to start small.  I’m not saying that entry-level writers start small because some do land clients that pay well, while others find lower paying jobs to start out.  Which is fine, this helps you start to build relationships with your clients and helps you land a better paying job down the road.

When you are looking for jobs on different freelancing sites, there are some things that you want to look for in the jobs details.  You want to pick a established and reliable site or company, you want a client that has hired and worked with other writers before, look for permanent or semi permanent jobs to apply for, and make sure there is an hourly or per article rate.  Things that you want to avoid is free trials, if they don’t want to pay you for doing a trial, they aren’t worth your time.  Clients that have incentive based pay, private sites or nonexistent one, and if you are suspicious of a job post, go with your gut and don’t apply.

Where To Find Jobs

  • You can start with freelance brokers like Elance, oDesk, and other freelance sites that you bid on jobs.  Keep in mind that they do have people working on the site that will be extremely low pay for jobs and you want to avoid those ones but the do have a good non payment and breach of contract protection for you.

  • You can go on Craigslist and look for jobs but you have to be careful and this should be your last place to look.  It is free but you don’t want to get scammed either.  I’m not saying all the jobs are scams but you have to be careful.

  • Another good job site it ProBlogger Job Board, they post jobs that you can apply to and also have a filter to weed out low paying jobs and scam jobs offers.

  • Freelance Switch is also a great place to find freelance writing jobs but this site does charge you seven dollars a month to subscribe and apply for jobs.

  • Freelance Writer’s Den has resources for freelance writers and job boards for well paying jobs, including a junk free filter.