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Tips for Beginners: Online Freelance Writing Opportunities

The number of people entering the field of freelance writing is increasing day by day. Content is becoming very important than ever and those who specialize in this field can earn a lot of money. If you love writing and have some experience in the field then you can build a career out of it. However, one big question what every beginner in online freelancing faces is: how to get started? Well, it all starts with some trial and error. The following are some tips you must follow.

  1. Check job openings - You must examine some opening for freelance writers. Gain an idea what the customers are searching for, the trending niches etc. You must have good knowledge of terminology and requirements for your customer. You must have good writing skills and some knowledge about search engine optimization and internet marketing knowledge too. If you want to start freelancing then you have to make sure you have these skills.

  2. Portfolio - A good freelancer should definitely have an intriguing and diversified portfolio online. The portfolio must be built in such a way that it will attract target audience. If you are serious about freelancing then create some examples which will impress and get clients who want to know more about you. Quality is very important when you are writing a portfolio than the quantity. Images when included in the portfolio will give a better first impression.

  3. Blog - You can create your own blog or website and upload your portfolio. This is the best way to start your freelancing career. Use popular blog platforms, online website builders and invest in them. If you want to have a long term career in freelancing then you can invest in professionally designed website.

  4. Pricing - Pricing your work is very important as these determine your writing career as a freelancer. As there is tough competition online you have to price your work cleverly. In the beginning you have to start with a low price as you are a newbie, later when you become an established freelance then you can name your price according to the job.

As you are a beginner in freelance writing use websites which will give you access to some great projects which are also easy to take up. However, you must be warned that the competition will be tough as they are several others like you to make their mark as you want to. Just make sure you get your basics right and you will be fine.