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Where To Hire The Best Freelance Content Writers

Qualified freelance writers can easily be found online. Whether or not they will provide quality copy and professional service will depend on the individual or company that you contract with. Look for an established site that has received positive reviews from previous customers.

Here's A Three-Step Guide To Get You Started:

  1. Search The Online Freelance Sites
  2. These sites are a good place to get started. Thousands of writers and clients come together to look for help, or offer their writing services. Each writer has a profile that will tell you his or her particular area of expertise, and how much experience they have had. You can see the rates that freelance writers charge and view examples of their previous work. The good example of that kind of website is Paper Written.

    You can submit the project you want completed, and allow the freelance writers registered on the site to bid for your work. This can get you an affordable writer, and smaller jobs can usually be completed within a week. Payment is usually made using Paypal or an escrow service to protect the client and the freelancer.

  3. Register Your Project Or Contact A Freelancer Via The Site
  4. Many sites offer free basic services and allow you to list and/or bid for projects for free. Lay down the details of the content you need the writer to create and the deadline. It's a good idea to provide a general idea of how long the project is, and how much you are willing to spend to see it completed.

    Alternatively, you can search through the available freelancers and directly approach them to take on your assignment.

  5. Select A Freelancer To Complete The Content You Need
  6. Once you have found a writer you think fits the bill, confirm the delivery schedule, budget and the details of the work to be completed. Writers may charge by the project, by the word or have an hourly rate. These rates may vary depending on whether or not independent research is required, the complexity of the subject and so on.

    Some of the people who hire freelancers online prefer to see a (paid) writing sample before they commit to hiring a writer. Others may want to conduct a phone or Skype interview before awarding the job.

Things To Look For

You can view a freelancer's profile on most online writing service sites. This can tell you a lot about the person. Check what other clients had to say about the quality of work, and their ability to meet deadlines, and work within the agreed upon budget. Does the writer have regular clients and repeat jobs? That's a good sign that they are dependable, and will complete the content you need on time and on budget.