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Advanced Strategies To Get Legitimate Online Writing Jobs

It is generally agreed that the barriers of entry to become a freelance writer online are relatively low. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities. This is great news for someone looking to make a start as a freelance writer.

It’s true, it can be a little bit intimidating when you first start out. Different sites will tell you different things, and you may end up feeling confused and overwhelmed. If you want to begin with a great company, flexible hours and a steady flow of work, try out this agency.

You may find loads of sites that want to start you out on a peanuts wage. This is no way to build up a legitimate business. There may be lots of temptation to begin at a content mill, but again that isn’t a great way to start a business or make a reputation for yourself.

You do need to start somewhere, so take these points into consideration:

  • Offer to do 2 or 3 writing jobs just to get the experience
  • Begin to build out your portfolio
  • Increase your network; meet other writers and those who hire writers. Meet editors and blog masters. You can do this online or offline.
  • Ask for a raise once you have proven yourself and highlighted your writing skills
  • Visit online writing job boards. There are places where employers post their writing needs for writers to browse

What you should look for

  • Writing that interests you
  • Legitimate companies with a good reputation
  • Clients who regularly hire writers
  • Repeat freelance writing, so you aren’t always looking for new work
  • Amount per hour or per article you are happy with

What you should avoid

  • People expecting free trials
  • Work requiring mass article writing of low quality. The pay will be low as well and it isn’t what you’d want to add to your portfolio
  • Pay based on incentives
  • Employers who claim the writing is easy and therefore doesn’t deem a decent wage

Don’t be afraid if you end up having to put yourself out there, submit quite a few applications and so forth until you find something. What’s the worst that can happen? Trying isn’t going to hurt you. Just keep on sending out applications until you find success. There will be a company looking for a quality writer like yourself. All you need to do is keep looking and not give up too soon.