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Where to Look for Freelance Grant Writing Jobs

Today, people who learn how to write grants or those who already specialize in this form of writing can expect to make quite a decent income at it—and possibly getting hired to write grants for a company that needs them on a regular basis. In today’s economy, especially, people are interested in grants as they allow them time to focus their efforts on study, artistic expression, or research and not have to worry about paying them back.

Grants are not difficult to come back if you hire someone who knows how to write them well. Therefore, as you can imagine, anyone seeking a grant, even if they write well, wants someone who knows all the right buttons to press to get these grants.

Today, every freelance company on the web has many individuals who specialize only in grant writing. There are also many sites dedicated solely to connecting great grant writers to people seeking them. Most give you an assignment to write a grant based upon a given scenario and then evaluate your work to see if you qualify to work for them. If you pass their test then you can begin working for these online grant-writing firms that will charge you a slight commission to with each job they connect you with.

There are also specific grant writing associations on the web where you can post your listing, as well as other sites for general writing jobs, which feature a section on grant writing.

Also, check major online classified job listings for companies and individuals seeking grant writers.

Universities, colleges, and financial institutions always need grant writers as well. Many of these jobs are listed online specifically at the school’s website in which you are interested in finding work. Check university job listings.

Another good source for grant writing opportunities are scholastic journals. Higher-level academics are always seeking grants for their various research projects, especially at publish-or-die ivy-league universities. You’ll not only want to look here for academics and professionals seeking grant writers, you can also post an ad there for such individuals to contact you.

If you have never written grants, there are all kinds of seminars and webinars now available online. Grant writers are well paid and will always be in great demand. If you are a hard worker and a strong writer, consider this more lucrative writing focus.