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Five Tricks Explaining How To Increase A Freelance Writer's Salary

Like any profession, a freelance writer's salary will largely be dependent on the writing skills that the individual has acquired. A formal background in journalism, a university degree, and of course experience, will all help you earn more. Nevertheless, there are several other ways that can increase the money that your writing assignments bring in.

Read on to find out five tricks that we think could help you boost your freelance income.

  1. One Article, Many Markets
  2. If you have been commissioned to write an article for one client, consider if the research and information you are gathering could also be put together in another piece. Submitting the same piece to more than one publication is a no-no!

    However, think of a different angle for a piece that you are already working on. Or consider using some of your research to write a blog, or ebook. Some magazines will pay for reprints of previously published materials. Check the submissions guidelines for the publication to see what their policies are.

  3. Be Selective Eventually (But Not When You Begin!)
  4. When you are starting out, it never hurts to have a number of different clients and projects on the go at the same time. As you learn which assignments pay the best, and which work you can finish the fastest, you can weed out the lower-paying jobs.

  5. Network And Seek Out New Connections
  6. Get to know other freelancers, not just writers, but also those who build websites, provide translations and so on. They may come across projects that are not a fit for them, but provide the client with a referral to you.

    Fellow freelance writers also may have times when their workload is overwhelming. Instead of disappointing a client, they may be happy to farm out an assignment or two to you.

  7. Take The Time To Build Your Brand
  8. Create a website to advertise your services, and brand yourself. Always have business cards with up to date contact and rate information available.

  9. Don't Be Afraid To Raise Your Rates
  10. Nothing gets cheaper! As you gain expertise and experience, your rates should increase to reflect your improved skills. If it comes to the point that you have to drop some clients to focus on the work supplied by those who pay better, than do so.

    Never burn any bridges! If you can no longer continue accepting assignments from a client, give them as much notice as possible. Freelance writing jobs can be notoriously unreliable, and there may be times when you have to go back and pick up less lucrative work.