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Where To Look For The Most Interesting Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Since you have made a decision to make a living being a freelance writer, the biggest concern for you is how to find well-paid jobs. Each and every one of the successful writers that you know had this problem. Nevertheless, they all have built a great career with their writing. This means you can do that too. If you can write well and want to be a success – you will be! Quality writing is in demand and you will find your clients.

There are advertisements for freelance writing jobs jumping at you from every corner. However, not every site you come across on the web is helpful for your career. First of all, here are some things you need to look for, and some things to avoid:

Look for:

  • Jobs that are interesting for you
  • Companies and sites with good reputation
  • Permanent writing jobs
  • Clients who have hired writers before


  • Clients that ask for free trials
  • Very low rates
  • Sites that are not well-known
  • Mass article-writing work

To make it easier for you to look for interesting freelance writing jobs, here are some tips from experienced writers:

  1. Do not look for clients at mass job boards. There are so many writers there that the possibility for you to find a good client is very low. Your time is not worth wasting like this. Instead, invest it in looking for smaller sites and niche job boards.
  2. Start networking. This is the best way to find prospective clients. Attend networking events. Talk to your friends and friends of friends. You may find some of your best well-paid jobs at the most unexpected places. Contact academic services where you can earn money writing papers for students. This niche is getting more and more popular among freelance writers.
  3. Most writing jobs are not advertised simply because people do not have time to write an ad or look through resumes. You need to offer your services. There are a lot of online magazines and publications that need more professional writers. Communicate to them directly instead of looking for such ads on a writing job board. Writing for a specific business is one of the best ways to develop your career. Look for companies that sell some valuable services or physical products. They are likely to pay more than purely online businesses.
  4. Do not be afraid to start with lower-paying jobs. Do not expect to make $100 per hour from the very beginning. Do not be intimidated by smaller numbers. As a beginner you will start with smaller fees, but with consistency and persistence you will build up your rates soon enough.