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Where To Look For Reputable Companies Hiring Freelance Writers

Getting started in the freelance industry is never an easy task. It takes time to build up a portfolio, find clients and network with companies that need writing help. To start in this industry, writers should begin by finding reputable companies that are able to provide consistent, long-term work.

Consider Content Mills

Content mills have a bad reputation in the writing community, but they can be a viable way to gain experience as a freelance writer. At a content mill, writers are often able to choose which articles they write. Payouts will typically be once a week or once a month, and writers have a support staff of editors that they can turn to when they need help. Although the pay is often less than what it is at a magazine, content mills are a way for newbies to gain experience in the industry and start earning money.

Read Magazines

Every magazine and newspaper that is available for sale needs writers to create content. Writers should start by figuring out the niche that they want to write in. It is easier for a writer to research topics they are familiar with, so these topics are the best place to start looking for work. Once writers know the subjects that they want to work in, they should start looking at the magazine's online website or print publication. One of these locations will include information about how writers can apply for jobs and send in pitches.

After finding several magazines to work for, writers should review their content and gain a better understanding of the magazine's writing style. Next, the writer should create story ideas that they can send in to the magazine. Only a portion of these pitch ideas will be accepted, so writers should send pitches to a variety of different magazines. Afterward, the writer will need to research and write any topic ideas that are accepted. Payment is generally after the article is published, so the writer should be prepared to wait a few months for their actual pay check.

Essay Writing Sites

Depending on the freelance writer's interests and aptitude, they may be able to start writing essays and academic content. Students are always looking for examples and editing help, so there are many opportunities available in this field. Around mid-terms and finals, this field starts to heat up, which makes it a viable income source for newbies in the industry.