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Freelance writing career: how to win top writing assignments

Freelance writing has a unique charm: You get to do what you love to do on your own schedule! Not many jobs or careers can offer this kind of flexibility. Alluring that it may seem, it is not as simple as you might imagine. It is not like you are going to get a job very easily. The Internet is the best place to write, as it allows for free publishing. However, writing to earn money requires not only a platform but also someone who is ready to hire your services. The first few jobs are the hardest to get, as you do not yet have a portfolio.

It can be a huge bummer that to earn from something you do well (assuming you do…), you have to “compete.” Competition is such an overrated thing: It entails that someone, or everyone, should lose for you to win. That is another story.

For now, despair not! There is always a solution. Here are a few suggestions for you to bid for and win some great assignments.

  • Build a portfolio: Start writing on sites that allow self-publishing. You will do it for no financial reward, only to have your work showcased. Try to focus on writing on topics that are more likely to sell. A word of caution: Do not publish the same article on different sites. Many people find that out the hard way that Google will consider his a breach. Do not even use whole paragraphs of one article in another. The first job you bag will depend on how quickly and beautifully you do this part.
  • Narrow your field: Try writing about the things you know best. Writing about everything under the sun every now and then is ok but keep the bulk of your work focused.
  • Ask around: If you are the typical writer, you may feel hesitant about approaching others for help. However, doing this can give you a head start. At the very least, it will get you some truly useful tips. Join a writers’ forum, talk to people, and ask for advice. Do not feel intimidated by the pros; they have been here too. Take the initiative to read other people’s work. Look and see if you can find out what they are doing right.
  • Approach potential clients: By now, you know your forte. Look around to see who might need the kind of content you are writing. Be bold and send a proposal. Alternatively, you can join a freelance website where potential clients are looking for writers.