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Where To Search For Well-Paid Part Time Freelance Writing Jobs

There is a phenomenon known as the 5 to 9 job. These are paid jobs a person tackles when the regular workday is over. What is nice about these positions is that should you work hard at it, you will eventually have a client base large enough to allow you to be a freelance writer on a full-time basis. There are some places you can go to look for those part-time assignments.

  • The Regular Online Job Boards. You can do a search on one of the larger boards and get a few jobs as a result;

  • Professional Freelance Writing Websites. Writing site content and ghostwriting blog articles has become such a large industry. There are a number of websites that cater to freelance writers only. These are great places to find available positions.

  • LinkedIn. This happens to be the largest B2B social media site on the Internet. If you’re serious about writing, you need to have a profile set up on LinkedIn, and take the opportunity to network as much as possible. You can connect directly to prospective clients were looking for somebody with good writing skills.

You should have a very businesslike approach to doing all of this. You are competing against other candidates, but that does not mean you cannot win. Some professionals will advise posting bids for the lowest fee possible. While that is a decent strategy when you are starting out, it isn’t a good idea in the long run. As you develop a portfolio, you can begin to increase the amount you are charging. By all means keep it reasonable.

Take a careful look at the postings on the professional freelance writing websites. Don’t just look at the fees being quoted, take a serious look at the posting itself. These may or may not be well-paying positions. It does depend on how much per word the client is willing to pay. The posting will note the expectations of the client. Be sure that you can live up to those limitations before you post a bid.

Finding part-time freelance work takes persistence. Don’t be upset if your bids are not accepted; that happens all the time. What is important is to be able to land assignment and do a good job at it. Your reward will be a high rating from the client and that looks good on your record. Be sure that you always have time in the day to devote to writing. With a little persistence and committed work you will discover that part-time job becomes your full-time vocation in a relatively short period of time.