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How To Land Freelance Short Stories Writing Jobs: Expert's Advice

Being a novice writer is not much fun, because it seems that you have to work twice as much as anybody else, and get successful if you are lucky. In the beginning you will probably need to work for free, or a really low price and you will be treated like you don’t know anything about writing. Nevertheless, if writing is your passion, you should not just quit, instead you should find some expert advice on how to land a good writing jobe. That one special job can be enough to boost your confidence and improve your resume. Every next one will be easier than the previous.

Be a part of a respectable company

If you can’t find your first job on your own, you should become a member of a writing team for a respectable writing agency. This way you will gradually improve and learn from every job you take. You can get help from this company; visit their web pages or contact a person in charge of the human resources. The only downsize is that you will probably get payed less than if you were on your own, but also this way you don’t have to look for new gigs yourself.

Find a mentor

If you don’t want to work for a big company, you can try to team up with a more experienced freelancer that you know is able to teach you a lot of things about writing short stories. There are many web sites that gather such professionals, visit those sites and pick a person that seems willing to teach you. Contact them, and explain that you need someone to be your teacher, your mentor, and that you are willing to work for less pay as long as you get jobs.

Bid on a sites for freelancers

If you think that you don’t need any help to land some serious short story writing jobs, then you should visit a site for freelance story writers. Here you can make a great presentation about yourself, where you will state all your previous short story writing experiences and your strong points. Be realistic about your skills, but don’t sell for less than you think you are worth. At the beginning, you will have some difficulties finding jobs that are inspiring and well payed, but as you are building your portfolio, your client base will also grow and so will your reputation.