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Basic Points To Know About Freelance Writing Hourly Rates

Freelance writing is becoming extremely popular on the internet and it is also becoming extremely competitive. There is a wide range of activities that fall under the category of freelance writing and the cost of the composing depends on the type of creating being done. Here are some things you should know when you are considering hiring someone to do some freelance writing for you:

  • You have to understand that the composing is being done by people all over the world so it is important that you know who is doing the creating before you talk about the cost.
  • Many times it may cost a little bit more but it is much safer to use one of those websites that bring together clients and writers.
    • If you need a job done you can post the job on this website explaining exactly what you need done
    • Writers will actually bid on the job and then the client decides on who can do the job. The client has to take the writers experience and knowledge into consideration – not just price.

Hourly rates are usually hard to use when you are trying to decide what to charge to have a job done. It is best to do the jobs as a one price deal and not charge hourly rates. Some sites do have software in place that can show the client exactly how long the writer worked on his job but those jobs are harder to bid on and most people don’t like to work that way.

You must understand that people all over the world are bidding on these jobs so hourly rates are difficult to do because if you say you want to get paid $12/hour that may see extremely high if you are from India and it may not be high at all if you are in the United States. You will find that most freelance writers like to do work on a job by job basis and not hourly. This way both the client and the writer know exactly how much it is going to cost to get the job completed.

It takes time to build up a reputation on the internet but if you get connected with an agency like Elance or Upwork, they can protect both the writer and the client. It may cost a little bit because the agency gets a small slice of the money changing hands but there is protection for both parties and the work gets done well and both sides are happy. If you want protection for both the writer and the client, use this company’s services and find out how much work can get done and how satisfied both parties can be.