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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping A Personal Website As A Freelance Writer

Freelance writers have begun to feel pride in this vocation since it has actually started becoming popular. Thanks to the almost monopolizing status of online interventions, site owners understand that they require thorough content to make their landing pages as well as their products and services marketable.

The current tendency

Now, quite a few independent online writers have taken to starting their own blog sites or their sites that can place their writing authority to the fore. This precept does have its highs but is beset by certain downsides as well. Here is the blueprint

The highs

  • You are your own master – With your personal website, you are your own master and do not have to abide by others’ directives. It is your baby and your decision as to how to rear it. The freedom it allows is admirable.
  • Sequential blog – You can give wings to your wish by starting up a sequential blog on the subject of your choice. You directly interact with visitors and create a network that makes you more visible in future undertakings.
  • Option to experiment – You can tweak your site; add dropdowns. You can also keep adding content segments like blogs to the site. You can connect it to RSS feeds or social media to invite more traffic. There is no limit to the range of experiments you can try out.
  • Profits of success – There is no limit to viable options the day your website becomes a known entity. You can open the world of affiliate marketing on your shores and strike up viable deals with large enterprises.

The lows

  • Greater responsibility – You need to be thoroughly updated with your genre. You don’t have the luxury of falling on the site owner; since that is you. This is often a big blow for independent writers who feel constricted.
  • Regular blogs – You must have given the blogs a few days off as an independent writer, but as a site owner, you know it is your responsibility to write regular blogs or get them done by hook or by crook.
  • Different researches – You need to research how to make your site more presentable, how to make good use of keywords and how to strike a balance between texts and images. You need to utilize Google analytics, Ad Sense, Ad Words and other online tools to keep your site up to scratch.
  • Pain of failure – The biggest blow as a freelancer comes when the site does not become successful. You invariably know you have to start again with newer ideas.