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How To Find Good Opportunities To Develop Your Freelance Writing Career

So you left your job some time ago, or you want to spike your income a little, however it happened, you are now a freelancer and you want ways to improve your earning potential. Here are five things you can try that may help improve your status as a freelancer:

  1. Improve your literary skills
  2. As a writer you are often required to perform vastly different tasks in order to meet the needs of your clients. While you may already possess many literary skills, you can always acquire more, and you can also improve your proficiency at the ones you already have. If you possess college level education, it may be advantageous to take your studies further and become more qualified, thus improving your job opportunities. With more advanced skills you are also able to seek out higher paying job types.

  3. Find job hosting companies online
  4. Many companies make money by connecting people seeking writers to the freelancers and some are quite popular. Do a web search to find all the available hosting companies and research each one. You may find some that have higher job availability or better quality jobs at a more regular rate than the one you are currently affiliated with. Spread your wings, it may even be possible to register at more than one such company, increasing your chances and the quality of jobs available to you.

  5. Hire someone else
  6. You may be in a comfortable position and so some jobs are just beneath you now that you have established yourself as a writer. This is an opportunity to increase your income by sub contracting a less successful freelancer, managing their work and receiving a percentage of their pay. In this way, you can create an income for a less fortunate individual and also earn some extra money for yourself.

  7. Collaborate with others
  8. Some freelancers are really good at particular skills while not so good at others. This can be problematic when large jobs often require many skill sets. In this case it can be advantageous to a group of freelancers to collaborate and divide workload among themselves. This specialization promotes high efficiency which can greatly benefit all parties.

  9. Create a website
  10. Marketing oneself can go a long way towards success and the best way to do this would be to create a website. If you don’t posses the skills to do this yourself you can hire someone and then use this website to promote your skills and services.