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Qualities Of A Top Notch Freelance Writer: How To Become A Persona Grata For Your Employers

The best freelance writers are always busy. They become persona grata for their clients who continue to send them freelance writing jobs. The top notch freelancers receive invitations for jobs, but because they are so busy with their favorite clients, they have to turn away the invitations. If you want to be a freelance writer who is in-demand, then you need to exhibit the appropriate qualities.

  • Writing ability: The best freelancer writers need to know how to write. They need to be able to write fast and in a readable style. They need to understand the rules of grammar and they need to know how to spell. Too many people claim to be freelance writers, but they know very little about writing and it shows. Clients want writers who can actually write.

  • Work ethic: This quality is just as important as writing ability. Work ethic means that you are writing for the client. You are working to meet the client’s needs, which often includes deadlines, key work placement, and word counts. If the client asks for a rewrite, your work ethic means that you will do it. You work hard to make sure that your writing fits the job description.

  • Strong communication: As a writer, you are creating a tool of communication for your client. As a freelancer, you should communicate regularly with your client. Most clients welcome questions about the job because they want you to get the job done the right way. Since most communication between you and the client will happen through emails, make sure that your emails are friendly and free of attitude. Your client might not be able to do this (which is why you are the freelance WRITER), so keep a smile on your face.

  • Reliability: The persona grata freelancer is one who is so reliable that the client does not need to do much explaining. The best freelancers understand what a blog needs to look like, what a content piece needs to look like, and what a product description should look like. They know where to put key words and they know how to place subtitles in the pieces.

In order to be the best, you really have to prove you are the best. Your reputation will take your far or could bury you deeply. Only you can become the writer you want to be, so put your best qualities on display and the clients will start asking for your work.