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I Want To Become A Freelance Editor: 5 Suggestions For Beginners

‘So? You want to become a freelance editor?’ is a question that is asked too often and too condescendingly. Authors, except mostly the ones starting out, are not much inclined to hire a freelance editor to edit their manuscript unless the latter has an exceptional reputation. Therefore, the prospect of not being able to ‘make it’ as a freelance editor is real and daunting to many who are just starting to scope out the world of freelancing. To help you along, here are five genius tips that you should consider:

‘I want to become a freelance editor’: 5 suggestions for beginners

  1. Pick up the genres that interest you: You do not want to be editing a book on Business Transactions when you are a person who likes a mystery or a horror novel. Many novice editors make the elementary mistake of picking up work they do not actually like in order to make some extra, early money. However, it is really your passion that makes a difference in what you do. An easy buck will not be worth the mediocre review in your resume because you could not fully invest yourself in the book.
  2. Do not be afraid to provide feedback and criticism: Really, that is actually why the writer hired you. Many editors who are just starting out have the ‘yes-boss’ tendency, which means that they refrain from criticizing the author’s work too often for fear that they would lose the job. Know that providing feedback and criticism is what you were hired for, so does it.
  3. Take your time: Revising a book and truly improving it takes time: make sure your client knows that. Never turn in substandard work due to time constraints if you know you can do so much better.
  4. Know what the client wants: Share the author’s vision. Know where he or she wants the story to go, and how they want to story to turn out. Then, try to bring their vision to life. If you are unclear about anything, ask the client directly about the turn which they want the book to take, and try to present it to them. Discuss the possibilities of the work having alternate progressions.
  5. Do not blame yourself: There are times when no matter how hard you try, the book fails. Know that it was not a fault on your part and keep your morale up. The book may not have had a good enough plot or three-dimensional characters. Give your best to every work, and make it outshine the last one. That is when you will achieve true satisfaction.