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Where To Go Hunting For Part-Time Technical Writing Jobs

If you have an interest in and knowledge of technology, communications, science, and problem-solving paired with great writing skills, high energy, and motivation, perhaps technical writing is for you. There are many sources online to help you find jobs as a technical article writer, both freelance or for-hire that offer varying ranges of pay as well as the possibility of working either on-site or from home. It also offers the flexibility of choosing your own schedule, choosing to telecommute, and deciding if either full-time or part-time best suits your career needs.

With a simple web search including your preferred working schedule and location as well as a specified sub-category to technology, you will find an extensive list of various freelance websites as well as other listings from newspapers, classified ads, and targeted ads, to help you find the writing career that you will love.

The sub-categories could include, but would not be limited to:

  • Video games- Writing reviews for websites, magazines, and journals.
  • Finance- Provide clear examples and explanations of banking procedures, financial terms and stock market rises and pitfalls.
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
  • Engineering- write papers and schematics of computers, consoles, audio equipment, instruments, and anything else that we use in our daily, technology powered lives.
  • Research
  • Recently released or upcoming products
  • Information technology

And you can also search for specific job titles such as:

  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing writer
  • Communications consultant
  • Proposal writer

Once you have decided which targeted area of technical writing would be best suited to you, you should build a strong resume or portfolio (or both!) highlighting your education and experiences and providing examples of rewritten product documentation or software/hardware procedures. Maybe make a PowerPoint presentation in which you take a complicated subject and explain it in a way that makes it easily understandable. Be sure to always keep adding to this resume as you are given jobs so that it keeps growing. The more experience you have, the more opportunities will present themselves to you!

Also, in the meantime, maintain updated knowledge of your field of choice so that you are never taken by surprise. All of these things will make hunting for the perfect technical writing job easy to do and will ensure that you find exactly what you want and need. The internet is full of employers looking for talented, motivated, intelligent writers and is great place to take your shiny new portfolio and start hunting. The opportunities are endless!