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8 Tips To Keep In Mind Looking For Jobs For Freelance Writers

It is a common delusion, that freelance writers get a lot of money for doing nothing, so a lot of folk try this profession. Many people fail and give up halfway to the top. Someone is just picking crumbs off the table instead of baking his own bread. So, for all of you, here are some tips on how to succeed in this line of work.

  1. Prepare the ground.
  2. Well, here you are - a beginning freelance writer. It’s good to decide to be one, but hard to actually become one. Try to optimize your time. Remember, even if you can write a decent article, you still have to sell it. Think through such details in advance.

  3. Take off the pink shades.
  4. Things won’t be easy right away. Excelling your skills takes time and hard work. You can write a genius bestseller, but if it is grammatically or stylistically lame, or you can’t find a customer to buy it – you are done.

  5. Have patience.
  6. Basically – don’t rush your ride on a bumpy road. Patience is a virtue. If you get rejected – sit back and reconsider. Even the best get rejected sometimes. No result?

    Rewrite, and try one more time. Try to convince another editor. Still no? Maybe another style or topic would suit you better?

  7. Make up your mind.
  8. Check your own knowledge bank. You are probably fond of some things. It’s cool if you can choose a topic where you feel like a fish in the water. Study the markets, check for available offers and writing requests. By doing so you can see what pays off better.

  9. Learn to compose a query letter.
  10. A very important part. This letter is a “hook” that will help you sell your work. Brief and breathtaking. That’s how it is supposed to be. You have to get an editor interested. Otherwise, you will end up with nothing.

  11. Step up!
  12. Many write, few get paid. Try to choose a specific topic, which has less rivals. A cake is way more delicious, when eaten by yourself. So try not to let someone chew off a piece of it.

  13. Feel free.
  14. The mind of an ordinary customer would rather listen to someone’s personal experience, than a dozen scientific researches. Such articles can sometimes be of higher value, than pure factual material.

  15. Don’t underestimate promotion.
  16. Getting something published is only the beginning. Set up a portfolio or your own website to promote your work. There never can be enough commercial.