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Hiring A Professional Freelance Writer - How To Find A Reliable One

If you're looking to hire a professional freelance writer the first thing you need to understand is that you are spoilt for choice. This form of employment has become hugely popular in the last decade or so mainly because it gives people the opportunity to work from home, at their own pace and on either a full or part-time basis. There are literally hundreds of thousands of freelance writers constantly available. But the point of this article is to help you find a professional freelance writer who is reliable.

What do we mean by reliable?

A professional freelance writer who is reliable will always do a number of things.

  • They will never apply for a job knowing that they don't have the skills to complete the job satisfactorily.
  • They will keep you informed of their progress on a regular basis.
  • They will always edit and proofread their work to ensure it is easy to understand.
  • They will deliver on time every time.

When you apply to hire a professional freelance writer, you have control over what you will say in your job advertisement. The agency which controls your ad will obviously not allow you to do certain things. There are rules of how you go about hiring a professional freelance writer. But you can control the wording of the ad, the requirements you have for the person you employ and the size of the job and the time you allow for it. By being open and honest and providing full details, you give yourself the best possible chance of finding a reliable and professional freelance writer.

When the job applications arrive you can further increase the chances of finding a reliable applicant by checking their past history. Have they been a successful freelance writer for a number of years? Have they received complimentary reviews of their work? Do they have repeat clients? Knowing the answer to these and other questions will help you pinpoint the ideal professional freelance writer.

There are many reliable freelance writers and one of your tricky tasks can be to find the reliable writer who is the best fit for your task. Remember freelance writing online gives you the scope to employ anyone anywhere in the world. Look at their portfolio of work. Look at their references. And even engage in some email discussion to assure yourself you have found the right reliable freelancer.