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Freelance Writing Opportunities: How Not To Get Underpaid

If you’re wondering how much freelance writers make, you’re not alone. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The problem with giving an answer is that there isn’t any one answer. A freelance writer can find writing jobs that pay only a couple of dollars an hour or copy writing jobs that could pay a hundred or more dollars per hour. It depends on several things including your experience, where you’re looking for writing jobs, what you’re willing to write for and your skills in writing.

So, decide what you’re worth and don’t settle for anything less. When you’re just starting out you’ll need some experience, so you may want to accept some jobs that aren’t quite at your dream level, but don’t write for peanuts. It will only set a bad precedent for other potential employers that your writing skills aren’t worth very much.

Here’s what you can do to find out what you’re worth and make sure you don’t get underpaid:

  • Do some research into what other freelance writers like yourself are making in general. It will give you an idea of the possibilities and what the average or typical income could be.

  • Consider charging by the project rather than by the hour. It will give you two advantages: better use of your time and a higher rate than by the hour. Employers don’t need to know how long it will take a writer to produce a piece of stellar writing. For example they may be quite willing to pay $150 for a piece of writing but they would be very reluctant to pay someone $75 per hour for the same piece of writing.

  • Keep dreaming about the freedom to be your own boss and set your own schedule. There’s no reason you can’t do what you love to do. Don’t give up just because you haven’t found the perfect writing job yet.

  • Browse the internet for the type of opportunity that would work best for your circumstance. Do you want a recurring income with the corresponding commitment to time, or are you looking for piecemeal work that you can pick up here and there when you have extra time and make a supplemental income? This will also help determine how much you get paid.

  • Consider becoming a member of a writing agency so you don’t have to subsist on one-off jobs. The feast or famine cycle may tempt you into taking low paying jobs.