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Best Jobs Online: What The Average Freelance Writing Rates Are

There are many people today who are looking to dive into the world of freelance writing. The problem is they have no idea where to start. That applies not just to where they should start looking for jobs but what they should charge. Far too many freelance writers are under the assumption that they should charge rates in accordance with a lifelong professional when they have no expertise or experience to bring to the table. This common mistake is one that is made by far too many freelancers.

  • Another common mistake made by freelancers who are new is to set a rate that is vague for a job and after receiving that rate assuming that every job from thereon out should pay at least that much. There are times when you may be given more money than another client for the same type of work but as a newcomer this may not be in accordance with your qualifications and therefore you will get what is commonly referred to as “a big head” and believe that you are now worth that much period. Without being flexible in your rates you will find it much more difficult to continue working steadily.
  • As a newcomer it can be quite daunting to determine what your rates should be. If you are charging per hour the average freelancer rate is on par with minimum wage in many places and sits around fifteen dollars per hour. If you have a particular skill set that is a cut above the rest you may be able to charge more. If you are already an expert with the credentials and the portfolio to back up what you say then of course you can charge much more.

Then there are the fixed price jobs. Many fixed price jobs ask you to give them your rate per word or per one hundred words. It can be difficult to know what the average rate is for this as well. One universal truth which must be accepted is that you will always find people who charge less than you and always find people who charge more. It is up to you to honestly assess your credentials and compare it to your time. If you can type exceedingly quickly and you have knowledge of a particular topic then perhaps writing ten articles on that topic will take you one hour in which case charging one dollar per one hundred words is a perfectly find rate because it amounts to fifty dollars per hour. But if you do not type quickly or you know very little about the subject then it may take you five hours to work on the project in which case one dollar per one hundred words is quite inadequate.